EXCLUSIVE: Jiah Khan’s “suicide note” was a fake. Truth Exposed.

Here we have Rabia Khan’s letter to the media, along with the first and last pages of the  journal entry (aka the alleged “suicide note”) she has presented to both the police and the media.

Jiah Khan's mother, Mrs.Rabia Khan's note to the mediaAlleged "suicide note" with questionable handwriting, which Rabia Khan submitted to the media and police

And over here we have a handwritten letter by Jiah Khan (aka Nafisa Khan) to Sooraj Pancholi, where she has both addressed and signed the letter, which were recovered by the police from Sooraj’s residence.

Letter written by Nafisa to Sooraj

You will note the handwriting in both letters do NOT match. However, there appears to be a similar handwriting style between the journal entry which Rabia submitted with the letter she wrote to the media. It is apparent that Jiah did NOT write the “suicide note”.

These letters have already been seen and analyzed by several handwriting experts who agree that the note submitted by Rabia Khan was not written by Jiah Khan. Now, we leave it to the public to see for themselves how Rabia Khan has accused an innocent, young boy of something so terrible.

It seems that there are some people who are lying and afraid for the truth to be exposed. The truth will unravel soon.



26 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Jiah Khan’s “suicide note” was a fake. Truth Exposed.

  1. Really good post. Poor guy is being framed nothing else. The handwritings are so close of the first two letters has to be the same person.

  2. As an Indian man I feel ashamed at the treatment Sooraj has got.
    A failed relationship cannot be made an excuse to extort a man due to suicide of the person who could not handle the break down of relationship. If he is responsible for her death as he was known to her since past 1 year, then what about the mother of the girl? why should she go scot free?
    Sooraj tried to get her to a psychiatrist, she refused. Many men who come to us for counselling report the same attitude of women not seeking psychiatrists remedies. These men have no option but to commit suicide themselves as there is always a threat of cases against them and their family members.
    Most obnoxious and tragical part is that Sooraj is charged with 498a the dowry harassment law. SC had allowed Domestic Violence law to be applied for live-in relationships. When did they both live-in together?
    When there is a woman committing suicide, society needs a man to blame. Sooraj happened to be the one.
    When there is a man committing suicide, the society doesnt even want to arrest a woman he has named in a suicide note clearly.
    Such are the double standards of this society.

  3. 90% of the people know that the boy is innocent. Nobody is responsible for anybody’s suicide and mothers like these are the people who live off their daughters. Now that the daughter is dead the mother feels she has hit a jackpot


  5. Sooraj is a innocent boy uska kasoor bus yehi Tha ki o apne se badi ladki se pyar kar baitha,Jo ladki sooraj se pahle bhi bahot logo se pyar kar chuki thi aur sucide atamp bhi kar chuki thi, sooraj dil se pyar karta Tha aur apne pair Bollywood me jamane ke baad shadi bhi karna chahta thaa, lekin Jiah use uska kaam karne se mana kar rahi thi o chahti thi sooraj Sab kaam chodkar bus uske pass he baitha Kare, isliye o use darane ke liye sucide atamp kiya use laga hamesha ki tarah o Bach jayegi, or sooraj uske pass Sab kaam chodkar aa jayega, lekin kismat ne uska saath nahi diya aur o mar gayi, ab uski mom is baat ka fayda uthakar bechara bacche ko Sara rahi hai, aur kanoon bhi andha hai ye usne sabit kar diya hai letters ki inquari kiye bina bechara sooraj ko fasa diya

  6. Sooraj v r all wid u god bless u

    • Subhah ji You Are Right, Suraj Pancholi claiming that he’s innocent and has not exactly abetted Jiah Khan’s suicide. The handwriting of the letter which Rabiya Amin Khan had sent to the media stating that she found it in her daughter’s wallet box does not match with the letters that are recovered from Suraj’s house. The notes reportedly have been analysed by handwriting experts who have come to a conclusion that the letter given to the media is not written by Jiah.Although we haven’t heard of much progress on the case, but the blog is going viral on social networking sites. Even the tone of the letters are very different.

      The one given by Rabiya Khan is accusing Suraj of cheating on Jiah, whereas in the note found at Suraj’s residence, Jiah is thanking her beau for introducing her to the real world and helping her be a much sorted person. Don’t Worry Suraj I Am With You… much love & God Bless …

  7. yes Suraj deserves support Jiah’s mother is doing this for some false publicity..no one can be responsible if u end your life …such people are cowards and shlould learn to be strong and fight their battles…everyone who is born into this world should know that its not worth taking your life for relationships there is so much more to life than just a boyfriend

  8. Where was Rabia ( alias Renuka Kwatra alias Rosy ) when at the age of 14 , Jia had tried committing suicide after being raped? Why no where any mention of Jia’s father? Why no mention of constant friction Rabia use to have with Jia, mainly over money issues ? It is her turbulent life at home & the tarnished/ notorious reputation of her mother- Rabia, which must’ve forced Jia to have taken this drastic step & definitely not the ‘one sided ‘ affair between a 30 & a 22 year old boy!

  9. hope he comes out n shut the mouth of ppl who r blaming him

  10. M with sooraj he is innocent . Unhe fasaya jaa raha hai .I will support him .

  11. sooraj whatever you share with jiah it was your personal and i am sure it was beautiful…and it would be wrong for me to say that i can understand your pain and love for jiah…. but now whatever happening with you is wrong and i totally support you in your tough time….

  12. suraj is an innocent and intelligent boy and specially he is a lovely person. suraj never get hurt anyone. his family is also well known in this industry. i don’t thing so he did wrong with jiya.

    again suraj is a innocent young man. don’t spoil his Life,
    i am support suraj. please support suraj.

  13. i would like to request Indian law and constitution. kindly free suraj……………………………. my one lacs vote for suraj… suraj ….suraj… according to Law… usko bhi kuch bolne ka mauka dena chahiye….

  14. supports to suraj, all indians.. thank you

  15. He is innocent. He cannot do this to any women. I pray for Sooraj’s justice.


  16. Be strong sooraj we all r wid u and the truth will come in front very soon

  17. really wish this did not happen to you Suraj, no one can be held responsible for Jiah’s death, it is unfortunate that she is not among us anymore but I believe the problem was a lot deeper that drove her to act in that way it was not just a relationship issue..
    I also don’t believe by putting Suraj in jail its going to bring her back so why destroy him, I feel the pain that her mother might be going through but I don’t think she(Jiah) would have wanted that.. because from her letters we can see that she was all about love so why so much hate. I hope this nightmare is soon over with and Suraj can be with his family and work on his career.

  18. I support Sooraj Pancholi, he is soft spoken very nice guy. Sooraj is innocent please free him. Sooraj didn’t rape, murder or abused her. Sooraj is a perfect boy. People are trying to defame him. The police & judges should realize it now that Sooraj has never harmed any women or person on this earth. I know Sooraj for a long time. He is very caring and loving boy, please don’t punish Sooraj Pancholi because he is innocent.

  19. Suraj deserves to be free of anything he has been accused of.

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