Regarding Allegations of Cheating

We have all heard by now that according to the police, Jiah/Nafisa was worried about Sooraj cheating on her. This inference was made per the SMS exchange between to the two (various sources & police report). We also have learned that Sooraj explained to her that he was NOT cheating on her, instead saying he was meeting a family friend, Neelu (a jeweler and aunty his mother’s age). There was apparently a mix-up in the time Sooraj was to meet the jeweler, so they missed each other. Once learning this Sooraj left for his house immediately after. The police have obtained the CCTV footage corroborating this story. They have also received a statement from Neelu confirming this.

Furthermore, our sources have informed us that not only did Sooraj not even meet Nafisa on Monday, she had a male visitor at her residence around 9 PM-just a couple of hours before she hanged herself. Who was this man and why has his name never been made public?


2 thoughts on “Regarding Allegations of Cheating

  1. letter can be a fake….if she has written the letter den any dint showd dat to ploice n if police got the letter den y dey showing now…i dont believe it..suraj is innocent…i hope he vll get out of it soon he hv to do alot

  2. We r just attempting to save a life from suffering , I hope da indian law does justice with sooraj .

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