Regarding Allegations of Torture or Abuse

Some tabloids have printed that Sooraj has “confessed” to beating up Jiah. Our sources tell us otherwise. Not only has he never said such a thing, Sooraj never laid a hand on Jiah. Instead, he constantly worried about her well-being as she had been prone to depressed episodes since before they had met.

In fact, our sources have even explained that Jiah had confessed to Sooraj that her mother had hit her on at least one occasion, back in mid-May. We have also learned that a concerned Sooraj had in fact approached her mother, Rabia (in front of her lover, Tom) asking her whether or not this was true. To his surprise she said no, yet when he asked if she might come over to console her upset daughter she brushed it off.


One thought on “Regarding Allegations of Torture or Abuse

  1. What happened cannot b changed .. N now to make an innocent life suffer is wrong . Let the law decide what’s right n wrong !!

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