Thank you for your support

We all live in this world together and must make sure every person is treated fairly, whatever our personal opinion may be.

We wanted to take this time to thank each of you for your support and drawing attention to this injustice. We have received an overwhelming number of supporters because of your shared efforts.

Once we gain more insight, we will update the blog again.

Until then…


16 thoughts on “Thank you for your support

  1. Allah know well who is guilty, personally Suraj is innocent and I request to the people of India please support Suraj n don’t blindly just believe some jerks. Whatever jiah khan did was wrong but it doesn’t mean to blame Suraj for her because he was in love with her. Please this is about young boy life.

  2. yeah the 2 letters differ from each other completely i personally feel the suicide note was written by someone for tarnishing the image of sooraj maybe jiah had another boyfriend with whom she was depressed iam just seeing from other angle

  3. its very sad to see how Sooraj is being trapped..i support him unconditionally.. this incident can damage his life and career..pls set him free..from all negative..

  4. Sooraj is very well behaved person who knows how to give respect to others ,
    God Bless and dear sooraj we knw u r innocent and everyone knows the Brightness of “SOORAJ”
    You will rock soon .. 🙂

  5. help him n save him.
    he is innocent

  6. For all the people who are supporting Suraj, Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart! We all need people like you. God Bless you all. After all we need each other. Pray for Suraj that he will come out this hard times and shine like Suraj!!!

  7. InshAllah Sooraj will shine like a bright sun.

  8. oh my God from the beginning I’ve followed this case and havenot have the feeling that he will get a fair trial, everything points out that they want to nail him. I’m not from India, I’m from Suriname, South America, but am astonished of the disgusting oldfashioned judicial system in India. One sick mind has put one son of ours in a lot of problems, I have a son too and discussed every detail , cause this could happen to any son or daughter. All support and strenght to Suraj mother, and family!!!

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