Regarding Allegations of Rape and an Abortion

The (now fake) “suicide note” submitted by Rabia to the police et al has an excerpt which reads, “I don’t know why destiny brought us together. After all the pain, the rape, the abuse, the torture I have seen previously I didn’t deserve this.”

Now, let’s assume the note wasn’t in fact fake. If it had been written by the late Jiah Khan, she appears to be referring to a painful past. Perhaps she had finally found solace in the arms of her boyfriend?

According to B-town insiders, Jiah had confided to a few close to her that she had been raped at the age of 14, whilst still living in London.

It almost seems like someone got a hold of Jiah’s journal, picked out the most horrific, personal tragedies which occurred throughout her troubled life and jotted them down on six sheets of paper before handing them over to the police as a “suicide note.”

As for the abortion mentioned in that note, she may have been referring to one long ago (if this information even really came from one of Jiah’s journals). Who knows? But our sources tell us that when the police had questioned Sooraj about the alleged abortion, he said that Jiah had taken a “morning-after pill” as a preventative measure against any pregnancy. But she had never gotten pregnant by Sooraj, nor did she ever take any Abortion pill.

So far, the way this story is unfolding, we have enough reasonable doubt to question the entire case.


EXCLUSIVE: Jiah Khan’s “suicide note” was a fake. Truth Exposed.

Here we have Rabia Khan’s letter to the media, along with the first and last pages of the  journal entry (aka the alleged “suicide note”) she has presented to both the police and the media.

Jiah Khan's mother, Mrs.Rabia Khan's note to the mediaAlleged "suicide note" with questionable handwriting, which Rabia Khan submitted to the media and police

And over here we have a handwritten letter by Jiah Khan (aka Nafisa Khan) to Sooraj Pancholi, where she has both addressed and signed the letter, which were recovered by the police from Sooraj’s residence.

Letter written by Nafisa to Sooraj

You will note the handwriting in both letters do NOT match. However, there appears to be a similar handwriting style between the journal entry which Rabia submitted with the letter she wrote to the media. It is apparent that Jiah did NOT write the “suicide note”.

These letters have already been seen and analyzed by several handwriting experts who agree that the note submitted by Rabia Khan was not written by Jiah Khan. Now, we leave it to the public to see for themselves how Rabia Khan has accused an innocent, young boy of something so terrible.

It seems that there are some people who are lying and afraid for the truth to be exposed. The truth will unravel soon.