Regarding Allegations of Cheating

We have all heard by now that according to the police, Jiah/Nafisa was worried about Sooraj cheating on her. This inference was made per the SMS exchange between to the two (various sources & police report). We also have learned that Sooraj explained to her that he was NOT cheating on her, instead saying he was meeting a family friend, Neelu (a jeweler and aunty his mother’s age). There was apparently a mix-up in the time Sooraj was to meet the jeweler, so they missed each other. Once learning this Sooraj left for his house immediately after. The police have obtained the CCTV footage corroborating this story. They have also received a statement from Neelu confirming this.

Furthermore, our sources have informed us that not only did Sooraj not even meet Nafisa on Monday, she had a male visitor at her residence around 9 PM-just a couple of hours before she hanged herself. Who was this man and why has his name never been made public?


Why has this blog been started?

When a “suicide note” was suspiciously presented by Rabia Khan as evidence for a case against Sooraj Pancholi in connection with abetting the suicide of her daughter, Jiah (aka Nafisa) Khan, the public blindly (and wildly) believed the mother. However, once actual proof pointing in favour of Sooraj appeared from police evidence, people were wary to question their initial knee jerk reaction or moral compass. Instead people continue to write horribly inaccurate and disgusting lies about a boy they do not even know (or have yet to hear from).This is what it is like to live in a “mob culture”, it seems. One is presumed guilty first and must later fight tooth and nail to prove their innocence-how archaic and disheartening.

Without going into why or how our society is so eager to blame someone else for another person’s suicide, our sole purpose for this blog is to simply present the facts and myths regarding the very weak (and strange) case by Rabia Khan against Sooraj Pancholi, and the media hype which quickly followed.

Once the elements have been exposed, we hope that you will begin to question the ethics behind this case and these charges.

Whatever you choose to believe is your choice. However, these are the facts and feel the public has the right to know.